Pixel Car Racer – personalize your cars and accelerate enjoyment


Pixel Car Racer is game of racing for the player of the world who has deep interest for racing and cars. It’s the first kind of game where retro style arcade racer enjoys RPG sandbox experience. Player of the game builds his dream garage with unlimited cars and customization of them.

Before going on the streets of the game to have a race with other racers, you can use Pixel Car Racer Hack to have full right to personalize cars and garage of your choice. Well, go on ride to the roads and run a race to way to the top.

Features of the Pixel Car Racer game

  • Pixel car Racer game offers its player with many different features in the game. These are:
    • You can avail more than 100 cars in the game.
    • 1000 + car parts are available to customize your cars in your garage.
    • RPG style is there for you to tune.
    • In built Livery designers for you to be used.
    • Over 100 car liveries which you can use in the game.
    • Stunning pixel art graphic for you to use and enjoy.
    • The game offers realistic engine system.
    • Manual shifting of gear is another feature for you cars.
    • There is racing style pedals with clutch to control.
    • Active communities of racers which may not let you win and give you tough challenge.
    • You can update frequent styles with content and feature.
    • Lots of designed for car riders of the world.

Different levels with difficulties

Pixel Car Racer game has different difficult levels which can be easily passed out with Pixel Car Racer Hack function. These are beginner Amateur and expert levels. Well, now there is a chance for you to enhance your driving skill and get lot of enjoy as well as take part in difficulties of the race in it.

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Linda Brown Interactive story: enjoy the romantic bond

Linda Brown Interactive story: enjoy the romantic bond

Linda Brown Interactive 2019 is the games about a young girl who decides to leave her past and make another bond with a perfect match. Through the game, you can play it by exchanging the position of you with the girl and make your own strong bond with a perfect life partner. The developer of the game is The Other Guys, Android version is 4.1+, and Genre is MOD. The size of the game is 100.2 Mb and its latest version was launched on 2nd June 2018. The best part about Linda Brown Interactive 2019 is you can convert it in different languages.

The game has several features which are given below:


The game is started by someone is stocking on you, when you turn out the person is that you know him. The name of a person is Kevin, who is the Ex-boyfriend of Linda Brown. Then you will as a Linda Brown request the Kevin to stop following me. Through this, you have two opportunities that you want to stay with him or dismiss him. It’s all depending on you that how you handle this circumstance.

No feeling for Kevin

As you dismiss Kevin, then he really wants to end up all these misshaping. In some situations the Kevin will irritate you then, someone calls Bruno and he will warn Kevin to leave this place. After that Bruno offers help to Linda Brown and she will appreciate the Bruno.

Chance to meet Bruno

Bruno is a bid cheese and he has bodyguards. He utilizes these bodyguards to save Linda Brown from Kevin. As soon as the time passes, the Kevin promise Linda Brown that he will not irritate her and leave this place. After some time Bruno wants to meet with Linda Brown and for this, he tries his best.

Thus, these are some main aspects of Linda Brown Interactive 2019. Make sure that as much as your story uses different animation you will get more currencies.

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Three effective tips and tricks of Pixel Car Racer


Pixel Car Racer is one of the top racing cars and in which you will enjoy the drag and street racing. Personalize your cars with various tools like exterior and internal part. Select the racing tracks and start the racing. A lot of challenging tasks and millions of online players are connected. The game is available on the playstore, and it is compatible with Android and IOS device. For winning the game, we have to well proficient in the car driving in the race, and it is only possible with spending much time or crack some new ways for it. Pixel Car Racer Cheats is beneficial for us, and it opens many locked cars.

The gameplay is smooth for anyone, and you will be familiar with it. While you are playing in the game, many new updates are available. Practice on different kinds of races makes the players enough skilled and for performing well try some special tricks.

Ready your cars

In the garage, you can customize your favorite cars and in which you will find many new things. Time on time many new components are upgrading in the game. Power up your car with new engines and change various parts of the car.

Understand the various modes

The game provides us mainly two playing modes such are street and drag racing.  The player can choose any race, and if you are in the drag racing, then you know about all. Such race is simple, and you have to drag your cars and win high points. Street racing is all about changing the lanes, but we have to careful driving and protect a car with any damage.

Use of dyno

It provides some extra speed on the game, and you can increase the car’ horsepower and torque. It is suitable for shifting quickly. By the help of dyno, you can save the racing time and enhance the chance of winning. It solves your speed problem, and Pixel Car Racer Cheats is a quick tool for adding new free tools for playing.



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