13 Jan

A Guide To Hidden Tips And Tricks Help You Dominate Your Enemies In Mobile Legends

A Guide To Hidden Tips And Tricks Help You Dominate Your Enemies In Mobile Legends

A Guide to hidden tips and Tricks to help you dominate your enemies in Mobile Legends – Mobile Legends game needs you to be on top of you game for you to advance up the levels. However, besides practice and knowing the best heroes to use, there are a few useful tips that most players are not aware of and yet they are just as important in upping your level.
1. Using the Big Bosses: the Turtle and Blue Knight (The Lord) – new Mobile Legend players will often not give these two bosses much attention. If you defeat the Blue Knight then you gain mobile legends tips and tricks a lane while you also gain extra Gold for your team by defeating the turtle. The entire team can actually push with the Blue Knight as they look to get towers and probably the nexus.
Most people won’t contest too much at the lower levels. However, players can easily sneak in either the Turtle or Blue Knight as the games rank continues to grow, as they try to gain advantage at every available opportunity. It is therefore important to increase your game winning odds by gaining every advantage available.
2. Lane Pushing – new players are mostly not aware of this concept. You want the wave of your minion to grow so that the can crowd up and help take the tower of the enemy for you even if you are not there. One thing you will need to do in order to have a minion wave build in your favor is to kill the minion wave of your opponent using your hero so that there is no harm to your minions. Your minions will eventually crowd up hence forming a huge wave that will help you push the lane. The easiest way to achieve this is during the formation of a huge minion wave of the opposing team.

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