Linda Brown Interactive story: enjoy the romantic bond

Linda Brown Interactive story: enjoy the romantic bond

Linda Brown Interactive 2019 is the games about a young girl who decides to leave her past and make another bond with a perfect match. Through the game, you can play it by exchanging the position of you with the girl and make your own strong bond with a perfect life partner. The developer of the game is The Other Guys, Android version is 4.1+, and Genre is MOD. The size of the game is 100.2 Mb and its latest version was launched on 2nd June 2018. The best part about Linda Brown Interactive 2019 is you can convert it in different languages.

The game has several features which are given below:


The game is started by someone is stocking on you, when you turn out the person is that you know him. The name of a person is Kevin, who is the Ex-boyfriend of Linda Brown. Then you will as a Linda Brown request the Kevin to stop following me. Through this, you have two opportunities that you want to stay with him or dismiss him. It’s all depending on you that how you handle this circumstance.

No feeling for Kevin

As you dismiss Kevin, then he really wants to end up all these misshaping. In some situations the Kevin will irritate you then, someone calls Bruno and he will warn Kevin to leave this place. After that Bruno offers help to Linda Brown and she will appreciate the Bruno.

Chance to meet Bruno

Bruno is a bid cheese and he has bodyguards. He utilizes these bodyguards to save Linda Brown from Kevin. As soon as the time passes, the Kevin promise Linda Brown that he will not irritate her and leave this place. After some time Bruno wants to meet with Linda Brown and for this, he tries his best.

Thus, these are some main aspects of Linda Brown Interactive 2019. Make sure that as much as your story uses different animation you will get more currencies.